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If anyone here knows why these two should not be joined . .

If you asked a Great Ape: “Would you like to be saddled with a level of cognition, so perverse it will, routinely, drive you mad? What would it say? I you asked a supremely cognate, but discarnate, entity: “How would

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The Book of Dave, chapter one, verse 1

David Cameron #YouAintNoChristianBruv Nor Are You Prime Minister! In The Beginning there was David Cameron. No doubt feeling small inside, he was in a terrible hurry to ‘be big’, so he chose the false world of Westminster politics where many

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The Times – they are a’changing

Happy to share this article from The Times highlighting Mr Ethical’s fight for justice.

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War Crimes

Watch footage of Cameron being accused of war crimes

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Well done Mr Roy

The following email sent to Michael Gove recently, has resulted in an admiral response from a Mr Roy – perhaps a Good Man in the fight against Evil. From: Barrie Singleton Sent: 09 October 2015 20:37 To: ‘’ Cc: ‘’

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This isn’t a Rehearsal

This isn’t a Rehearsal it’s the Bloody Play! I normally write with a touch of humour, but this is way too serious to fool about with. The lead role is a feudal proxy Queen played by David Cameron. 10 years

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Dead Reckoning in Uncharted Waters

I find myself pondering the total number of potential human beings who have never existed. Since the genus ‘Homo’ differentiated, how many egg-sperm combinations failed to manifest as a consequence of the many variables that impinge? Is it not certain

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A matter of Understanding.

On home soil, when an armed individual (sometimes in possession of explosives) creates a situation that puts lives in danger (hostages taken in a bank – say) we deploy trained negotiators and specialist units to use human psychology, and tactical

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My Enemy is My Friend?

In the days when we fought real wars internment of ‘foreigners’ at home was commonplace; a crudely applied logic. Now we engage in vague ‘conflicts’ while embracing ‘multiculture’. ‘PC’ caprice dictates foreigners may not be discriminated against, nor suspected. Our

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The Morning After The Night Before

on 09 May 2015. I am writing this after two hours sleep, I’m back at the Racecourse for the West Berkshire Council count. Party activists are standing in groups in various degrees of euphoria or devastation, but all with minds numbed

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