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An Open Email

From: Barrie Singleton Sent: 29 September 2015 19:46 To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘Strobes’; ‘’; ‘’ Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’ Subject: “The Liar Flyer Nine” (A study in British corruption.) In the dying days of campaigning for

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WBC try harder

WBC get it better

The recent signs in Newbury bring to mind the mayhem brought by the Troll bridge. The badly worded TRO reprinted here in full. “Oh what a wizard wheeze that troll bridge! Such a cash-cow. We did laugh. ” A WBC

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How Corrupt is Britain

How corrupt is Britain

In May 2013, a conference of that name was held under the auspices of Liverpool University. That such a conference was deemed relevant, in this New Millennium, speaks disheartening volumes. The paperback, ‘How Corrupt Is Britain’ (Pluto Press) is, in

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Going Underground

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Police State

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Corrupted Anti-Corruption

‘How Corrupt is Britain’ was published March 2015. It is a scholarly collection of reports edited by Prof David Whyte who has described: “The British Myth.” Not only is Britain shown corrupt across a wide range of indisciplines, but police

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How Corrupt is Britain? (p67)

“We live in an advanced ‘post democratic’ capitalist society in which corruption is endemic for perfectly understandable and not accidental reasons. The forces and people – most of whose names and addresses we either know or can find out that

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Corruption Takes Many Forms

Con-Man Cameron promised the people: “A SIMPLE IN/OUT REFERENDUM” then announced a “YES/NO” question. What happened to IN/OUT? Now there is a YES campaign a NO campaign and a KNOW campaign. We are informed that The Electoral Commission will decide

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