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This isn’t a Rehearsal

This isn’t a Rehearsal it’s the Bloody Play! I normally write with a touch of humour, but this is way too serious to fool about with. The lead role is a feudal proxy Queen played by David Cameron. 10 years

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My Enemy is My Friend?

In the days when we fought real wars internment of ‘foreigners’ at home was commonplace; a crudely applied logic. Now we engage in vague ‘conflicts’ while embracing ‘multiculture’. ‘PC’ caprice dictates foreigners may not be discriminated against, nor suspected. Our

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The myth of “Democracy under the rule of law”

Political parties have no existence that is defined by statute. They do not exist in law. Almost all MPs owe their tenure to their rosette. They are totally beholden to their party, and their only other allegiance is to our

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The Glorious Fourth

Oh no, Westminster Creature This is not democracy. But the Final Battle’s coming And you must come to me! When you took up the lying way As tool of your black trade You little knew, as lies just grew There

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Ministerial Code

Foreword by The Prime Minister Our new government has a particular and historic responsibility: to rebuild confidence in our political system. After the scandals of recent years, people have lost faith in politics and politicians. It is our duty to

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ITAP In this Age of Perversity

I have dubbed the culture that Britain is now drowning in, The Age of Perversity. Since arriving at that coinage, I find that I open many topics with ITAP. It will get much worse before any chance of improvement. Government

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The Case for Abstention

The turn out at general election continues to decline, as does the citizen voter’s view of the Westminster Creature MP. The need for an ‘ABSTAIN’ option at the polling booth is clearly established. It would cost nothing to implement and

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Sad Day for Democracy

A Sad Day for Democracy David Cameron, PMQs 3rd July 2013 What a fount of crassness is Potty Dave Cameron! Here am I, three years on, still unable to access a hint of democratic accountability under his mockery of governance,

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D MOCK CRASS Y? and Universal Suffrage.

The crass Westminster Creatures mock the dunce-masses as they manipulate them to gain and exercise power. Y do we let this continue? Universal suffrage is taken, unthinkingly, as a given ‘good’, yet assessing human competence and potential, in the field

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Powerless ASA

Political Advertising and the ASA From an Advertising Standards Authority, ASA, web page. Political Advertising. Why can’t the ASA help Non Broadcast Advertising. Any advertisement whose purpose is to persuade voters, in a local, national or international election or referendum

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