Month: October 2015


I’m a bloke. We blokes are the ones who start wars. I am a Grammar School boy, middle-class home with bright parents. I know how to do logic. The Trident debate is driving me mad. Few, if any, women understand

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Who The Hell is Richard Benyon?

• An ex-squaddie who runs away from legitimate challenge. (“You lied for votes.”) Content to kill Johnnie Foreigner, on command, while trying to label me ‘racist’! • A Viz Magazine reader. ‘Viz’ an inspiration for his attack on a needy

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John Gatto

You need to reed this message from John Gatto. An award acceptance speech as shared with the web site

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Lunch with Lord Sewell

Is this the result of having lunch with Lord Sewell ?

Never a Bridge When You Want One

A recent performance at Ace Space, our local stand-up venue, of a poem set to music concerning the Troll Bridge and other Bbridges of Newbury. There’s Never a Bridge When You Want One

Animal Cruelty goes Unnoticed.

In a land where Badgers are protected and Foxes are fretted over, one species is separated early from its mother, regimented and taught tricks in infancy, right through sexual maturity, and beyond. Thereafter, its kind are made to ‘perform’ for

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