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Just occasionally we come across a wise, capable person in a position of responsibility, making lives around them agreeable and causing life, generally, to run smoothly. But only occasionally.
Mostly, positions of power and authority are filled by individuals who want – probably need – to hold such positions, for their own wellbeing. Recognising that this reality is applicable to Westminster governance, illuminates Britain’s basic problem. Scale it up to the EU, America, Russia etc, and the world malaise is defined. To realise that, even as I ponder, there are men planning world governance, and the threat that now looms is dire.

My contention is that newborn infants are programmed to gain CONTROL of everything they can, as quickly as they can, as an imperative of survival. But what if modern life tends to prevent maturation in many of us? Do the resultant juveniles continue to strive for control – always more control – all their lives? I assert that it is a fact of most lives, that we cannot address our own problems; might it be that controlling (or impinging upon) others, is a sort of displacement activity? Are we, therefore, inexorably governed by immature, self interested individuals, intent on displaced, controlling behaviours? Now that really WOULD explain a lot.

But must it be so? Clearly, no one would choose to ‘start from here’, but here we are, so what are the options? Those currently in power/authority are, by their very nature, not going to espouse this analysis, so if there is merit in it, to bring about a new Order, they either have to be deposed or subverted. Long-term, it would be advisable to seek to mature our young, even though that aim will be resisted by our immature leaders – instinctively, or by malice aforethought – for reasons of self-preservation. Short-term, I presume we have to find a point of weakness in the status quo, and apply subtle – even devious – pressure.

Much may depend on whether there is, in society, a pool of ‘latent Matures’ who are held in a state of suspended awareness, while nevertheless functionally competent – sort of Sleeping Beauties, waiting to be kissed by Prince Empowerment.  Assuming these individuals have the ability to wake and see truth in my analysis above, they might be the catalyst to awaken ‘the many’.

As I consider the above, I wonder if we are ALL now so TV-conditioned*, that there is no possibility of any ‘sleepers’ to be mobilised. Is post-industrial society too many generations down the road of earning/wanting/consumption/debt, set against TV values, ever to be redeemed in the higher virtues of honour, dignity, altruism and integrity, under the aegis of wisdom?

* Covered elsewhere.



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