The following explains P.O.R.K.I.E.S

Dear leaders

We cannot go on like this.

As the prime mover (aren’t we all?) of the Big Society, I call upon the PM of The New Politics, in the current spirit of independent watchdog-inspectorates (redolent of the Office of Budgetary Regulation) to install: ‘PORKIES’ (People’s Office for Regulation of Knowingly Indefensible Electoral Statements).

The ‘PORKIES’ remit, should apply retro-actively, covering the 2010 election, i.e. all party literature without exemption. This would surely be emblematic of the New Politics, fundamental to the Cameron-Clegg Coalition of transparency?

(Strangely: no official body that I can discover, is mandated to apply the existing ‘Representation of the People’ Act, that forbids employment of a ‘false instrument’ to influence voting.) HOW VERY ‘OLD POLITICS’!

You can, of course, just leave it to me: a retired, articulate, solvent, fit, mobile entrepreneur, who wants – so very much – to help bring in the New Fairness. Indeed, I presume that my endeavour would amount to ‘Private Sector’ mobilisation? I have located a 2010 archive of Election flyers and will shortly make a detailed study of them. Please let me know if you wish to be copied-in.

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