(Only one word in the English Language embodies both ‘crass and ‘mock’

Oh Citadel of Westminster, look down on your creation:
millions of damned and blighted lives – the remnants of a nation.
Yes, you forgot that power corrupts, and honed your fell foul skills
till power, close to absolute, finds England wracked with ills.
Now this Quixote – errant knight – tilts at your spinning members
to bring unease, in word and deed, to liars and dissemblers.
For you saw fit to harbour in your base, benighted bosom
a heinous creed of enmity, enshrined in party antagonism.
Then, standing back, you watched as, at election, that contrivance
brought blatant printed lies, with leadership in full connivance.
They knew, of course that parties, retribution, can ignore.
Devoid of true existence, parties flout the Rule of Law.
Thus freed, Conservative HQ, drew up a Liar Flyer
so full of crafted falsehoods, Dave’s pants should have been on fire.
It said: the Bogey Gordon Brown, was waiting in the wings
Should WE, though careless voting cross, cause unconducive swings.
Conservatives, they must win HERE, the Liar Flyer proclaimed
Or Gordon Brown will stalk the land, and CHILDREN WILL BE MAIMED!
A single X placed anywhere, but for Conservatives
Would guarantee 5 years of Brown, to blacken all our lives.
The Flyer, duly printed, went out across the land
From Huntingdon to Newbury – delivered by eager hand.
Two laws, thereby, were broken – one wonders: at what cost?
Westminster just ignores me; MP Benyon says: “Get lost!”
Now honourable MPs sit tight on impropriety’s cushion
Installed by lies but comforted by piety’s illusion.
Oxford Police rewarded, at the outset, trust invested;
A second letter brought forth spleen – I hope I’m not arrested.
Once more I know that I am mocked, by Westminster’s charade
Quixotic tilting comes to naught; integrity is barred.
But I’ll fight on, my blood is up; through time it is what blokes do!
I’m not cut out for a comfy chair – with crossword, or Sudoku.
I’m calling to like minded folk: “Let’s bring them down in flames!”
From now till next election, We shall SPOIL PARTY GAMES.

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