The Shambles


Insofar as direction-of-motion complies with the requirement: “two way under signal control”, and provided no police constable in uniform directs otherwise, or objects, ALL persons may cause or permit any vehicle (including bus, taxi and cyclist*) to be in a bus lane.
NB: Though not specified; I infer that the ‘cyclist’ may be presumed mounted, as only thereby may ‘vehicle’ status be accrued. (Pedestrians do no fall under this Order.)

David Holling

a/ In section 7, “cyclist” does not correlate with “vehicle”

b/ Section 7 permits bus and taxi only to be in the bus lane.

c/ Schedule 2 (under ‘Bus lane’) refers to ‘bus, taxi and cycle’, at odds with ‘bus taxi and cyclist’. The wording is not definitive.

d/ Schedule 2 (under ‘Direction of Travel) specifies ‘two way under signal control’

e/ Section 7 combined with Schedule 2 permits all vehicles whose direction of travel is “two way* under signal control” to be in the bus lane. There is no “prohibition” established (see title). Whether a one-way trip is allowed, is unclear.

* It appears the intent is to say “either way”. “Two way travel” is imprecise.
Syntax apart, how sloppy may such a document be, before it is legally voided thereby?

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