Tyrannous Rex

(A cold-eyed look at Tony Blair’s “Education Education Education” )

Right under the noses of ‘The People’, the State routinely re-asserts its already established right to take children from their parents and put them into workhouses where they are taught what the state says is vital to their futures. This process goes almost completely unquestioned. A percentage of each intake is psychologically unable to adjust to the school environment and either avoids it or is overtly damaged by it (caged animal syndrome). A price worth paying.

By far the majority conform to the controlling regime, adapt and accept – largely without thought or protest – the diktats handed down. This is a discipline to be internalised, a defined ‘subject’, but it does not appear in the curriculum! Upon the conforming cohort, the damage is, by contrast to above, covert and only manifests later in the, hardly perceptible, tractable nature of most Britons faced with ‘Authority’. By way of illustration: in spite of mounting evidence of corruption in governance and in major state bodies, we still accept the primacy of Parliament and the PM of the day; some even turning out to vote, thereby tacitly validating state corruption yet with a sense of righteous citizenship.

We are living in a conditioning culture that delivers us up to our scheming governments, to do with us largely as they will. We do not riot. Many before me have invoked ‘1984’, and the parallels are stark. School is viewed, and accepted, as akin to mother’s milk (before cultural devaluation of that primary ‘good’) when it should be seen as toxic beyond enduring. The iconoclast psychiatrist, RD Laing, openly questioned ‘education’ (i.e. the cloaking device for institutionalisation-by-schooling) as causative in ‘driving us mad’, and that was in 1974! Immeasurable (and unmeasured) arresting of autonomy, in each emergent generation has been cumulatively imposed since then. No wonder tyranny reigns with such ease.

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