Election 2015 – Benyon Zone Report

trolleyIt is a telling comment on British Justice that when Dicky Benyon began his 2015 election campaign in Newbury (before Parliament prorogued) he was still drawing MP salary from IPSA after deploying the 2010 ‘LiarFlyer’ (fraudulent device or contrivance) in his previous election campaign, contravening election law.

That was my message to the people of Newbury constituency.

Sadly, the citizens of this country are so conditioned to believing the ‘British Myth’ of democracy under rule of law that, even when repeatedly presented with square feet of reality, most still vote as if all is well.

Benyon, a demonstrably unsuitable candidate (as evidenced here in the Benyon Zone) strutted his rosetted stuff, ultimately upping his tally – courtesy of that rosette – coupled with a skilful scare, courtesy of an expensively imported, Australian scare-monger: Lynton Crosby. What a despicable charade. Had the Conservatives stripped Dicky B of his rosette, in favour of some other cipher, Dicky would have come nowhere.

Newbury: I did my best! I stood on the town bridge and loudly denounced Richard Benyon MP as FRAUDULENT to the passing people. His response amounted to the towering rebuke: “That’s very rude!” Where is the writ? But then, I have spoken truth so it would take top Silken Weasels to prove black is white in court and Dave has already cut poor Dicky down from junior minister to nobody. Maybe Tory funds won’t pay the fees?

DickyB is now re-installed but, by my understanding of fraud law he is not yet out of its shadow. And even if he is, Truth’s shadow has no edge. I have returned to Oxford Police in search of justice. I can report it is currently ‘delayed’. ‘Progress’ will be reported under ‘police’ tab.

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