Corruption Tsar Pickles Chosen for Expertise

I have been sleeping at my post!

I have only just learned from a Brentwood Gazette online posting, May 11th 2015: “Eric Pickles to leave the cabinet and become anti corruption tsar.”

This is wonderful news as (Sir) Eric was a 2010 deployer of the LiarFlyer (along with 18 other aspirant MPs) and having been returned to Parliament, sat 5yrs fraudulently being paid by IPSA. The Representation of The People Act expressly describes use of a ‘fraudulent device or contrivance’ (e.g. a LiarFlyer) as a ‘corrupt act’, and as Eric was paid right through to April 2015, I feel sure his fraud is still current!

Will he hand himself in? How might the knighthood fare when Her Majesty hears of this? Strange to tell: HM knows of the LiarFlyer and Dave’s impropriety; she thanked me for informing her!

In passing: another corrupt MP LiarFlyer deployer was Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury, who so truculently dismissed my approaches to him. I feel it my duty to report him to Sir Eric before the latter finds himself ‘up ‘t road’.

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