How Corrupt is Britain

How corrupt is Britain

How corrupt is Britain

In May 2013, a conference of that name was held under the auspices of Liverpool University. That such a conference was deemed relevant, in this New Millennium, speaks disheartening volumes.

The paperback, ‘How Corrupt Is Britain’ (Pluto Press) is, in my view, the most important ‘volume’ of unpalatable truth that Britain has been confronted with since the end of World War II. There are always dark forces at work in the world, but Britain’s continuity of elite has allowed darkness to grip this land more completely, more insidiously and more pervasively than possible in many other countries. Britain is ‘Corruption Central’.

Prof David White has done an inestimable service to the people of this country who are sickened by the blatant chicanery of our Lords and Masters, but who feel they have to accept the status quo. He has of course, done an equal service to the sheep; but they have no idea they live under a heinous tyranny.

The book comprises a set of no-nonsense essays of a clarity and cogency that our derelict governance would do well to study – were they open to any act of integrity on our behalf. It is damning. It leaves the reader either confirmed in their most troubling suspicions, or utterly punch-drunk by the sudden realisation that Britain’s globally vaunted democracy under rule of law, is un-corrupted fiction.

I am writing this: September 2015, yet know of only one mention of the book in the mainstream media. This is not a populist book, but I feel its lack of publicity may well be partly down to its content. Whatever the truth, I intend to apply all my ingenuity to bringing every last damning piece of content to Britain and Britons at home and abroad. Prof White has given us the tools; Winston Churchill would never forgive us if we do not now finish the job!

How Corrupt is Britain on sale variously. It is reasonably priced. Contact me if stuck. Read – tell friends – the revolution starts here.

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