Building a viable society

UK PLC, manufacturers of bespoke British Society, produces a lot of reject units which it removes, where possible, from the factory floor by putting them in quarantined storage i.e. prison. But after a time these duff units, now knocked about and rusted, are returned to the parts box. Thus the rejects go back into work in progress.

This ethos exacerbates the malfunction of British society. But the management of UK plc (government) WILL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY. They tend to measure operational success of Society, by the number of reject parts temporarily out of reach. THEY DO NOT ADDRESS MANAGEMENT’S INPUT IN THE CREATION OF SUCH REJECT PARTS! They blame sub-units (‘problem families’) who needs-must exist under the prevailing ethos of GB plc. – a creation of successive managements!

Yet the current CEO (David Cameron) was recently heard to declare (2013 speech to G8) that trade is the most powerful improver of people’s lives. “TRADE MAKETH MAN!” How bizarre! How paradoxical. But then, Our Dave has little or no acumen in the area of improved lives (quality units of Society) and he is certainly not one himself. In November 2010, Dave initiated a ‘wellbeing’ consultation, mooting an ‘index’ (his ‘IWB’*) – it was news for about a week – then it withered and died. Never mind: the budget was only £2 mil of tax-money.


Quoting former US senator Robert Kennedy, who described how GDP “measures everything… except that which makes life worthwhile”, Cameron said the information gathered would help Britain re-evaluate its priorities in life. (And now we know: Priority 1 is TRADE.)

David Cameron is Prime Minister of Britain. Nuff sed.

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