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The Book of Dave, chapter one, verse 1

David Cameron #YouAintNoChristianBruv Nor Are You Prime Minister! In The Beginning there was David Cameron. No doubt feeling small inside, he was in a terrible hurry to ‘be big’, so he chose the false world of Westminster politics where many

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God Gob

“The Struggle of Our Generation” (since honour abandoned this nation) Needs Westminster’s aplomb With the fool and the bomb As we urge the whole world to Damnation. The unstoppable gob that is Destiny Dave has pronounced, yet again, from his

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EU Referendum Downer

Today, BBC is right on message with: “Downing Street says it’s right that ‘The People’ should have the final say.” But Downing Street’s Dodgy Dave will use all the deviousness at his command to subvert enough of the people to

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Fools and Knaves, to the Last Creature.

It is surely time for the laughter to begin – and never stop! Every time one of our Westminster Creatures – from pompous Dodgy Dave (Proxy Queen) to the lowliest pathetic wannabe, safe-seat rosette-stand (Joker) – delivers some governmental gaff,

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In response to David Cameron

Strengthen Family? Don’t start me off. Education? Schooling is institutionalisation. http://www.naturalchild.org/guest/john_gatto.html Work Maketh Man? No, it makes workers. Rant over.

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Sick at Heart

Party Politics are far worse than ‘toxic’. To my mind they are closer to cat-sick. On the bed – on the stairs In the carpet – who cares? Show the Westminster Creatures the exit! The aware voters have scored in

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Woe Betidings (Christmas 2013)

God test ye, pseudo Christian Men You shall not get away. Remember that election Of twenty-Ten, in May? You pledged your souls to Satan’s power Now you shall know dismay! Oh – a hiding to nothing you are on You

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Ministerial Code

Foreword by The Prime Minister Our new government has a particular and historic responsibility: to rebuild confidence in our political system. After the scandals of recent years, people have lost faith in politics and politicians. It is our duty to

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Sad Day for Democracy

A Sad Day for Democracy David Cameron, PMQs 3rd July 2013 What a fount of crassness is Potty Dave Cameron! Here am I, three years on, still unable to access a hint of democratic accountability under his mockery of governance,

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