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Powerless ASA

Political Advertising and the ASA From an Advertising Standards Authority, ASA, web page. Political Advertising. Why can’t the ASA help Non Broadcast Advertising. Any advertisement whose purpose is to persuade voters, in a local, national or international election or referendum

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Dismantle Westminster Ethos

In May 2010, a Conservative Party crafted lie, the Liar Flyer, intended to influence my vote in that election, came through my door being part of Richard Benyon’s successful campaign to be re-elected as MP for the Newbury constituency. That

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Liar Flyer recipients

LIST OF WARDS RECEIVING THE LIAR FLYER MAY 2010 As indicated by http://www.electionleaflets.org/ All use the word ‘HERE’ in the assertion: “Conservatives must win here to stop another 5 years of Gordon Brown.” Page on website. 17 Cambridge 19 Gordon

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The naming of lies.

THE CONSERVATIVE LIAR FLYER – GENERAL ELECTION 2010 Conservative Strategy:  Characterise Brown as a ‘bogey man’. Flyer claim 1: “A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN.” Observation: The hung Parliament, in the event, precipitated Brown’s departure

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The Liar Flyer

I suggest it comes as no surprise, to the average British indigene, that our law takes a dim view of those who use bare-faced lying to gain advantage; such is a fundamental tenet of our culture. How perverse then, that

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The Original Liar Flyer

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