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Anthony Stansfeld Unfit for PCC Office

In May 2010 an election flyer (the ‘LiarFlyer’) came through my door, directed there by Richard Benyon MP. It comprised a series of interrelated, clearly understandable, coercive lies which were fulsomely endorsed, and then signed-off, by David Cameron. I checked

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An Open Email

From: Barrie Singleton Sent: 29 September 2015 19:46 To: ‘compliance@parliamentarystandards.org.uk’; ‘chief.constable@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk’; ‘Strobes’; ‘editor@newburynews.co.uk’; ‘naomi.hirst@anticorruptionappg.org’ Cc: ‘howelljm@parliament.uk’; ‘keith.simpson.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘murrisona@parliament.uk’; ‘jesse.norman.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘jonathan.djanogly.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘picklese@parliament.uk’; ‘coxg@parliament.uk’; ‘benyonr@parliament.uk’ Subject: “The Liar Flyer Nine” (A study in British corruption.) In the dying days of campaigning for

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Fools and Knaves, to the Last Creature.

It is surely time for the laughter to begin – and never stop! Every time one of our Westminster Creatures – from pompous Dodgy Dave (Proxy Queen) to the lowliest pathetic wannabe, safe-seat rosette-stand (Joker) – delivers some governmental gaff,

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Corruption Tsar Pickles Chosen for Expertise

I have been sleeping at my post! I have only just learned from a Brentwood Gazette online posting, May 11th 2015: “Eric Pickles to leave the cabinet and become anti corruption tsar.” This is wonderful news as (Sir) Eric was

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