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Exhibit 4

Richard Benyon MP Recorded Delivery. 26 August 2011 Dear Richard As I am sure you are aware, your letter of 18 Feb 2011 failed, manifestly, to address (let alone ‘clarify’) the false assertion in a Conservative flyer, that Gordon Brown

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Exhibit 3

Benyon attempts a clear, detailed explanation.

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Exhibit 2

RICHARD BENYON MP 16th February 2011 Dear Richard Over the months, since you emailed the reply, attached, regarding the claims in the flyer above, I have made extensive enquiries among your Westminster colleagues, various political offices, seats of linguistic excellence,

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Exhibit 1

Richard Benyon is Conservative MP for Newbury. In 2010, with the election scheduled for Thursday 6th May, the Conservatives were panicking, as they were confronted by the very real likelihood of a hung parliament. Panic, it seems, drove them into

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Exhibit 1(a)

Benyon’s facetious and fallacious response.

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