Month: July 2015

300 Limericks to Spoil Party Games

300 Limericks to Spoil Party Games – The Political hot-potato you just can’t put down. Buy it now at Lulu before it gets banned and all the copies burned. It’s also Amazing at Amazon.

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Election 2015 – Benyon Zone Report

It is a telling comment on British Justice that when Dicky Benyon began his 2015 election campaign in Newbury (before Parliament prorogued) he was still drawing MP salary from IPSA after deploying the 2010 ‘LiarFlyer’ (fraudulent device or contrivance) in

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Britain: The Model Society.

For a man-made culture to be sustainable, it follows that it must reinforce Natural norms, wherever possible. In this ‘Age of Perversity’, the precise opposite prevails. Adversarial party politics ‘infantilises’ governance. It attracts the ‘wrong stuff’. It appeals to the

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Cage Fighter

I fought to stay home at school-age. Fought-off state control with red rage. It’s now only too clear Such delivered me here: Making judgements from outside the cage. In thought and expression, I constantly differentiate between ‘Schooling’ and ‘Education.’ One

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Dissecting Westminster

What is a voter? A welder welds, a Baker bakes and a Brick-layer lays bricks; but not for long – if they are no good at it! What skills and expertise does a typical voter bring to a general election?

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Spot the bridge

There is no bridge on Park Way. So why Did West Berkshire Council insist on issuing penalty charge notices for the fictitious construction?

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School – Soft Prison?

Would it be fair to surmise that even Homo Sapiens – The Ape Confused by Language – has a “natural” (optimum) way of bringing the newborn to maturity? If, in what follows, we take that as a given, how might

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Tyrannous Rex

(A cold-eyed look at Tony Blair’s “Education Education Education” ) Right under the noses of ‘The People’, the State routinely re-asserts its already established right to take children from their parents and put them into workhouses where they are taught

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Back to School

Is school the ‘tape worm of the people’, much as religion was once the opiate? Does school extract vitality leaving tractable units of taxable activity (except for those so alienated, they can only do nihilism and crime)? I have looked

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The Shambles

CLARIFICATION OF ABOVE GOBBLEDEGOOK (Barrie Singleton) Insofar as direction-of-motion complies with the requirement: “two way under signal control”, and provided no police constable in uniform directs otherwise, or objects, ALL persons may cause or permit any vehicle (including bus, taxi

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