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Campaign Launch

 “FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING ” The ‘Westminster Creatures’ have failed us, at great human and monetary cost. Party politics isn’t working. Tyranny is not stewardship. ‘D-MOCK-CRASS-Y’ serves only the

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Dismantle Westminster Ethos

In May 2010, a Conservative Party crafted lie, the Liar Flyer, intended to influence my vote in that election, came through my door being part of Richard Benyon’s successful campaign to be re-elected as MP for the Newbury constituency. That

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“D MOCK CRASS Y” AND THE RULE OF LAW (Only one word in the English Language embodies both ‘crass and ‘mock’ Oh Citadel of Westminster, look down on your creation: millions of damned and blighted lives – the remnants of

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Oak gall

The rotten Oak lives on, replete with fruit; fed by its heart’s decay, it boasts success. Enthusiastic branches bow that trunk and pay full homage to its patronage. Once backbone’s true-grain majesty held sway but now corrupt, dark process feeds

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Bona Fides

Statement of Intent. It is so glaringly obvious, to the man on the Clapham Omnibus, that party politics is an aberration unique to governance (or pretence of governance) and that its continuance must indicate some deep incapacity in those who

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