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Bare Faced Lies

Read more about this bare faced lie at:

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Leave – Remain

Dodgy Dave’s “simple IN/OUT referendum” (pledged Jan 2013)  “I say to the British people: This will be your decision! When the time comes, I shall expend no more than £9.3 million of public money bending your preference to my will.

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State of Corruption

Westminster is Corrupt. Thames Valley Police Corrupt. T/V PCC Stansfeld Corrupt. Richard Benyon MP Corrupt. David Cameron Corrupt. All complicit (with others) in 2010 Election Fraud. I have the documents. They think they have impunity. I have nothing to lose.

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Well done Mr Roy

The following email sent to Michael Gove recently, has resulted in an admiral response from a Mr Roy – perhaps a Good Man in the fight against Evil. From: Barrie Singleton Sent: 09 October 2015 20:37 To: ‘’ Cc: ‘’

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An Open Email

From: Barrie Singleton Sent: 29 September 2015 19:46 To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘Strobes’; ‘’; ‘’ Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’ Subject: “The Liar Flyer Nine” (A study in British corruption.) In the dying days of campaigning for

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The board-game of Monopoly is ubiquitous. It is acquisitive, and money-mediated, just like today’s world. When the players tire, all goes back in the box; ‘the world’ is folded up and the dwellings are tumbled into a heap, with no

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Corruption + Failure = Westminster

We are not governed but manipulated. Any party of power is wilfully blind. The opposition connives/colludes. Ballot-box empowerment is a cynical lie. General elections rearrange deckchairs. 2010 election: lying blatant – Police supine. People-power and paramilitary policing: up Prime Ministers

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God Gob

“The Struggle of Our Generation” (since honour abandoned this nation) Needs Westminster’s aplomb With the fool and the bomb As we urge the whole world to Damnation. The unstoppable gob that is Destiny Dave has pronounced, yet again, from his

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Wording With Intent

Though Terror’s assault has no end Now there’s more against which to defend. The ‘Extremist’ is come But I doubt Drake’s old Drum Can confound mischief he might intend. Destiny Dave Cameron’s pronouncement that we face “The struggle of our

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EU Referendum Downer

Today, BBC is right on message with: “Downing Street says it’s right that ‘The People’ should have the final say.” But Downing Street’s Dodgy Dave will use all the deviousness at his command to subvert enough of the people to

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