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The Westminster MP as a Salaried Employee

1. At prorogation of Parliament, any MP-aspirant must make proper representations (by law) to the local Acting Returning Officer, and pay over a deposit. If eligible, the aspirant is then a bona-fide candidate. (NB: Ex MPs canvas as ordinary citizens;

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If Aware . . .

No fair minded person who observes the ‘Westminster Creature’ (MP) being interviewed on TV is left in any doubt that they not only feel empowered to deceive, but are unfazed when deceiving overtly. This, in every-day social intercourse, would be

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Fools and Knaves, to the Last Creature.

It is surely time for the laughter to begin – and never stop! Every time one of our Westminster Creatures – from pompous Dodgy Dave (Proxy Queen) to the lowliest pathetic wannabe, safe-seat rosette-stand (Joker) – delivers some governmental gaff,

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Dissecting Westminster

What is a voter? A welder welds, a Baker bakes and a Brick-layer lays bricks; but not for long – if they are no good at it! What skills and expertise does a typical voter bring to a general election?

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In response to David Cameron

Strengthen Family? Don’t start me off. Education? Schooling is institutionalisation. Work Maketh Man? No, it makes workers. Rant over.

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Sick at Heart

Party Politics are far worse than ‘toxic’. To my mind they are closer to cat-sick. On the bed – on the stairs In the carpet – who cares? Show the Westminster Creatures the exit! The aware voters have scored in

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MP Code of conduct

The code of conduct for members of Parliament Prepared pursuant to the Resolution of the House of 19th July 1995 I. Purpose of the Code The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to assist Members in the discharge of

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Members and Constituency Etiquette

Members and Constituency Etiquette Nov.2007 Mr. Speaker: Order. I will answer the point of order. I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for giving me notice of his point of order. There is a well understood convention in the House

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Ministerial Code

Foreword by The Prime Minister Emphasis by Barrie Singleton Our new government has a particular and historic responsibility: to rebuild confidence in our political system. After the scandals of recent years, people have lost faith in politics and politicians. It

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Fraud Act 2006

Obtaining employment by deception – offence under the Fraud Act 2006 It is an offence to “obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception” under the Fraud Act 2006 (previously the Theft Act 1968). This offence can also apply to someone obtaining

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