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A Cool Look at Britain

Man is corrupt polluting and unstable. He became so during this ‘interglacial’. Sacred Feminine eclipsed by Mammon. Women now seek male goals and prizes. Britain extreme male enclave of error. Westminster is games not governance. Can’t fix World or EU.

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If anyone here knows why these two should not be joined . .

If you asked a Great Ape: “Would you like to be saddled with a level of cognition, so perverse it will, routinely, drive you mad? What would it say? I you asked a supremely cognate, but discarnate, entity: “How would

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Dead Reckoning in Uncharted Waters

I find myself pondering the total number of potential human beings who have never existed. Since the genus ‘Homo’ differentiated, how many egg-sperm combinations failed to manifest as a consequence of the many variables that impinge? Is it not certain

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A matter of Understanding.

On home soil, when an armed individual (sometimes in possession of explosives) creates a situation that puts lives in danger (hostages taken in a bank – say) we deploy trained negotiators and specialist units to use human psychology, and tactical

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I’m a bloke. We blokes are the ones who start wars. I am a Grammar School boy, middle-class home with bright parents. I know how to do logic. The Trident debate is driving me mad. Few, if any, women understand

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British Political Lying: Lawful and Unlawful

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) encourages the “legal, decent’ honest and truthful”, across a wide range of advertising, but is disbarred from controlling printed party-political lies, as routinely deployed at general elections. This is The British Way. The run-up

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Woe Betidings (Christmas 2013)

God test ye, pseudo Christian Men You shall not get away. Remember that election Of twenty-Ten, in May? You pledged your souls to Satan’s power Now you shall know dismay! Oh – a hiding to nothing you are on You

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Trickle Down

In this Age of Perversity, The following image is so sadly indicative of the Westminster culture today.

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The Party MP

What is the mind-set of the newly elected MP? Do they imagine that they, personally, having gone through the high street, and from door to door, bestowing a few seconds – a rictus smile – and a fleeting handshake on

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Core Malaise

The juror competence furore, that resulted from the Huhne speeding fiasco, is depressingly illustrative of Britain’s core malaise. Consider the The Electoral Roll. it encompasses potential MPs, voters, and jurors alike. Significantly, general competence is not an issue when attaining

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