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Spirit and Sludge

Education (more commonly “schooling”) is like distillation: you chuck a “mash” of society in a pot (called school) apply energy (called teaching) and out the top comes “spirit” with loads of qualifications. But out the bottom comes Sludge! (Should this

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Back to School

Is school the ‘tape worm of the people’, much as religion was once the opiate? Does school extract vitality leaving tractable units of taxable activity (except for those so alienated, they can only do nihilism and crime)?  I have looked

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Building a viable society

UK PLC, manufacturers of bespoke British Society, produces a lot of reject units which it removes, where possible, from the factory floor by putting them in quarantined storage i.e. prison. But after a time these duff units, now knocked about

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Bald bottomed Chickens

Bald bottomed Chickens and the New World Order Oct 2012. In this Age of Perversity, should the foetus survive creation in an ageing, last chance mother, who is labouring for Mammon, in the grip of a debilitating male work ethic,

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Universal suffrage and the voting age

It is a fundamental of the UK voting system that most seats in Parliament are inexorably tied to one party. What follows can only apply to the remaining minority. Daily, the ‘creatureness’ of the Westminster Creatures becomes more apparent to

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Tory free vote on homosexual marriage

Few MPs are mandated, by constituents, to take part in a ‘free vote’ as, at the time of election, they are little more than ‘rosette stands’. To validate that assertion one need only consider how many MPs would survive the

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Rape in war

Human on human abuse. gratuitous infliction of pain, rape, both in combination, summary killing, torture to death, and a range of psychology-based confections, are all predictable behaviors of the Ape Without Scruple, who is released when social constraints are suppressed,

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State negligence

(Never mind the wooden horse, just invite the Trojans in.) Surely a government that maintains, and practises’ the right to invade foreign states and kill with impunity, but at the same time enacts a policy of substantial immigration, even from

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There is always another way

THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY Just occasionally we come across a wise, capable person in a position of responsibility, making lives around them agreeable and causing life, generally, to run smoothly. But only occasionally. . Mostly, positions of power and

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The unacceptable face of multiculturalism

The unacceptable face of multiculturalism Some decades back, Prime Minister Heath coined: “The Unacceptable Face of Capitalism”; he meant when capitalism is in rapacious and oppressive mode. We are currently hearing a tale of men from an alien culture (a

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