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Going Underground

Corrupted Anti-Corruption

‘How Corrupt is Britain’ was published March 2015. It is a scholarly collection of reports edited by Prof David Whyte who has described: “The British Myth.” Not only is Britain shown corrupt across a wide range of indisciplines, but police

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How Corrupt is Britain? (p67)

“We live in an advanced ‘post democratic’ capitalist society in which corruption is endemic for perfectly understandable and not accidental reasons. The forces and people – most of whose names and addresses we either know or can find out that

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Corruption Takes Many Forms

Con-Man Cameron promised the people: “A SIMPLE IN/OUT REFERENDUM” then announced a “YES/NO” question. What happened to IN/OUT? Now there is a YES campaign a NO campaign and a KNOW campaign. We are informed that The Electoral Commission will decide

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The board-game of Monopoly is ubiquitous. It is acquisitive, and money-mediated, just like today’s world. When the players tire, all goes back in the box; ‘the world’ is folded up and the dwellings are tumbled into a heap, with no

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Corruption + Failure = Westminster

We are not governed but manipulated. Any party of power is wilfully blind. The opposition connives/colludes. Ballot-box empowerment is a cynical lie. General elections rearrange deckchairs. 2010 election: lying blatant – Police supine. People-power and paramilitary policing: up Prime Ministers

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Inaction and the smell of bacon?

The PDF below highlights the correspondence and inaction of the police force in regards to the infamous Liar Flyer of 2010. It may or may not smell of corruption and cronyism, but it certainly smells of something. Police_merged1.pdf

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Fools and Knaves, to the Last Creature.

It is surely time for the laughter to begin – and never stop! Every time one of our Westminster Creatures – from pompous Dodgy Dave (Proxy Queen) to the lowliest pathetic wannabe, safe-seat rosette-stand (Joker) – delivers some governmental gaff,

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Corruption Tsar Pickles Chosen for Expertise

I have been sleeping at my post! I have only just learned from a Brentwood Gazette online posting, May 11th 2015: “Eric Pickles to leave the cabinet and become anti corruption tsar.” This is wonderful news as (Sir) Eric was

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Fraud Act 2006

Obtaining employment by deception – offence under the Fraud Act 2006 It is an offence to “obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception” under the Fraud Act 2006 (previously the Theft Act 1968). This offence can also apply to someone obtaining

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