Month: August 2015


The board-game of Monopoly is ubiquitous. It is acquisitive, and money-mediated, just like today’s world. When the players tire, all goes back in the box; ‘the world’ is folded up and the dwellings are tumbled into a heap, with no

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Corruption + Failure = Westminster

We are not governed but manipulated. Any party of power is wilfully blind. The opposition connives/colludes. Ballot-box empowerment is a cynical lie. General elections rearrange deckchairs. 2010 election: lying blatant – Police supine. People-power and paramilitary policing: up Prime Ministers

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Inaction and the smell of bacon?

The PDF below highlights the correspondence and inaction of the police force in regards to the infamous Liar Flyer of 2010. It may or may not smell of corruption and cronyism, but it certainly smells of something. Police_merged1.pdf

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Are sick people a resource to Westminster perversity?

I take as ‘given’ that alcohol, tobacco, processed food and sedentary lives all induce sickness. My second ‘given’ is that the NHS is a massive, taxable, machine that is really the NRS (National Repair Service) delivering mended individuals back to

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