Year: 2016


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Rule of Law

Rule of Law 2010  – Cameron lied for votes. 2011 – Thames Valley Police:  Hostile. 2012 – PCC Stansfield: Refused service. 2015 – TV Police Habgood: Wilfully blind. 2015 Home Secretary May: No service. 2016:  Theresa May for PM?

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What a To-do!

What a To-do! Leaving the EU has left Britain in turmoil. We need skilled national management. Westminster is cloaked feudal tyranny. Home to petty party political games. Games played by petty party appointees. Appointed by power-possessed parties. Parties configured for

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A Cool Look at Britain

Man is corrupt polluting and unstable. He became so during this ‘interglacial’. Sacred Feminine eclipsed by Mammon. Women now seek male goals and prizes. Britain extreme male enclave of error. Westminster is games not governance. Can’t fix World or EU.

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Bare Faced Lies

Read more about this bare faced lie at:

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Anthony Stansfeld Unfit for PCC Office

In May 2010 an election flyer (the ‘LiarFlyer’) came through my door, directed there by Richard Benyon MP. It comprised a series of interrelated, clearly understandable, coercive lies which were fulsomely endorsed, and then signed-off, by David Cameron. I checked

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Doom Thoughts From Abroad

Oh to be in England Now the EU’s there And if folk don’t wake in England We’ll find some morning unaware That the wars we fought to keep our ways Were just a rather awkward phase. While the Chaffinch song

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Leave – Remain

Dodgy Dave’s “simple IN/OUT referendum” (pledged Jan 2013)  “I say to the British people: This will be your decision! When the time comes, I shall expend no more than £9.3 million of public money bending your preference to my will.

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State of Corruption

Westminster is Corrupt. Thames Valley Police Corrupt. T/V PCC Stansfeld Corrupt. Richard Benyon MP Corrupt. David Cameron Corrupt. All complicit (with others) in 2010 Election Fraud. I have the documents. They think they have impunity. I have nothing to lose.

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If anyone here knows why these two should not be joined . .

If you asked a Great Ape: “Would you like to be saddled with a level of cognition, so perverse it will, routinely, drive you mad? What would it say? I you asked a supremely cognate, but discarnate, entity: “How would

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