The board-game of Monopoly is ubiquitous. It is acquisitive, and money-mediated, just like today’s world. When the players tire, all goes back in the box; ‘the world’ is folded up and the dwellings are tumbled into a heap, with no thought for tiny lives disrupted or dreams dashed. This attitude informs the elites of ‘advanced-nation’ politics.

Britons are not ‘governed’ (benignly stewarded). There is little sense of ‘in loco parentis’ to be found in Westminster. Among Westminster Creatures the lower orders want to be higher orders, and the top few see Britain as their ‘piece’ on the Globopoly Board. Britain’s elite meets with their counterparts around the globe, at the Globopoly table, where they play games with the lives of ‘their’ people and posture in terms of ‘kudos factors’. The latter comprise: possession of nuclear weapons; global-reach war-machine; high aid-giving; high speed train and high GDP. The state of their ‘charges’, back in the homeland, matters no more than if those units of work and tax were already bunged in the Monopoly box. As all Globopoly players are like-minded soulless units of self aggrandisement, none marks down the other for neglect of their proles; kudos does not figure in this regard. The ‘state of the nation’, in people-terms, is of no more impact on the elite psyche than landing on The Old Kent Road without a single property to its name.

It may well be that this state of affairs arises by default, but once established, the elite players become ever more assiduous in ensuring its perpetuation. I am in no doubt that key to the continued tyranny of Westminster, over beleaguered Britain, is the statutory schooling of every viable British individual, for as long as can be imposed (i.e. ever longer). Schooling, is synonymous with institutionalisation; it provides a supply of functionally-diminished, tractable automata, lacking in full awareness. Naturally, a minor percentage of the schooled is unsuited to such programming. These dregs transform into criminals who offer a wide range of taxable employments in law-enforcement, imprisonment, probation etc. Some will enter politics . . .

Westminster is the enemy-within, ensuring that Britain is not evolving to a state of maximum fulfilment, at peace with itself and the world, but languishing in a corrupt, third-world pit of disgrace. Westminster is populated by a party-selected sub-set of the not-very nice whose Creatures create havoc in the lives of the schooled mass – in the name of ‘governance’ – while the top panjandrums play Globopoly.

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