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From: Barrie Singleton
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“The Liar Flyer Nine”
(A study in British corruption.)
In the dying days of campaigning for the 2010 General Election, faced with an impending hung parliament, a desperate David Cameron panicked and resorted to illegal, unequivocal falsehoods, presented in a flyer I have designated: The ‘Liar Flyer’. The most prominent lie read: “A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN.” (I have had this, and other lies, confirmed by a barrister, a magistrate, and a solicitor.)

Cameron imposed the Liar Flyer upon the Tory candidates of eighteen constituencies; nine of whom subsequently held House of Commons seats throughout the hung parliament of 2010 -15. The same nine MPs regained those seats in the 2015 election having successfully evaded scrutiny by derelict British ‘Rule of Law’. Eight are sitting again, even as I write (one was unseated).

The post of MP is remunerated by IPSA from the ‘public purse’; thus the Liar Flyer Nine made personal gain subsequent to distributing pertinent falsehoods. This is fraud in one of its simplest and most easily understood forms. Ordinary folk, on the lowest rungs of British existence, go to jail for such. (A jail term can invalidate MP tenure.)

Across 5 years of my approaches, no state office would/could address the Liar Flyer. I was advised that the Police were my only recourse, so I made an approach to the (then) Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police: Sarah Thornton. A bizarre sequence of exchanges followed culminating in a letter from DI Gavin Tyrrell who regretted that he could find no grounds for my allegation of fraud.

List of current MPs who deployed the Liar Flyer: Benyon – Cox – Djanogly – Howell – Murrison – Norman – Pickles – Simpson (K).

In light of Police reluctance to apply either election law or fraud law to the Tory Liar Flyer, I invite those above who prefix themselves ‘Honourable’ to address their 2010 deployment of the Liar Flyer simply in terms of ‘Lies for Votes’. They should report their findings in public forum; thereafter, to act honourably.
Barrie Singleton 29.09.15
Newbury UK

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