I’m a bloke. We blokes are the ones who start wars. I am a Grammar School boy, middle-class home with bright parents. I know how to do logic.

The Trident debate is driving me mad. Few, if any, women understand ‘bloke’, especially when bloke is being particularly crass or deranged. So women can be forgiven if they think Trident is a deterrent.

Men should know better. It’s a revenge weapon; a Hitler concept. Hitler was a bloke.

Look around the world and with very few exceptions you find deluded megalomaniac blokes (DMBs) have clawed their way to the top and are behaving badly. A few short years ago we had Tony Blair. One million of us told him that his Iraqi adventure was a dumb idea; he lied and tricked his way to ‘his way’. Little boy Tony desperately needed to be great, that was how he came to be found at the top of our Monarcho/Westminster undemocratic charade. And that’s how open to deterrence he was.

DMB will not fire his ICBM without having built himself a state of the art bunker with a top of the range button. Money no object. A DMB does not care a Honey-Roasted Locust for a few million of ‘his own people’ horribly dead. They are not his people – how can they be? Any who might qualify are in the bunker.

So he fires, and our lone sub receives an order to fire back. One of his long pre-programmed coordinates is Faslane; so – just the one sub then . . .

Like I said: it’s a revenge weapon.

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