Well done Mr Roy

The following email sent to Michael Gove recently, has resulted in an admiral response from a Mr Roy – perhaps a Good Man in the fight against Evil.

From: Barrie Singleton
Sent: 09 October 2015 20:37
To: ‘michael.gove.mp@parliament.uk’
Cc: ‘George.Monbiot@theguardian.com’
Subject: Thames Valley Police Corruption

Please acknowledge receipt.

In 2011, I sent Chief Constable Sarah Thornton documentation of 2010 breach of Representation of The People Act 115 by Richard Benyon MP who went on to draw fraudulently from IPSA for 5 years.

I was rudely dismissed by ACC Helen Ball. More recently I have been told by DI Gavin Tyrrell that no case for fraud is apparent (in his opinion). This is tantamount to wilful blindness/misconduct in public office, as Richard Benyon deployed an election flyer replete with unequivocal lies – a ‘fraudulent device or contrivance’ – with clear intent to impose ‘undue influence’ on my voting. (I have confirmation from barrister, solicitor and magistrate of the lies. I am also Grammar educated.)

Richard Benyon clearly employed ‘corrupt practice’ according to the law. Quite what motivates DI Gavin Tyrell is yet to be divined.

Now that British endemic corruption has been exposed by Liverpool University (symposium May 2013 – reports Mar 2015) I expect justice to be applied rather than corrupted law. May I look to you for such?

Barrie Singleton

Reply received: mr roy_Response

My thanks to Mr Roy: Thanks_Mr_ Roy

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