The Book of Dave, chapter one, verse 1

David Cameron #YouAintNoChristianBruv Nor Are You Prime Minister!

In The Beginning there was David Cameron. No doubt feeling small inside, he was in a terrible hurry to ‘be big’, so he chose the false world of Westminster politics where many small men have, indeed, ‘made it big’. Having postured his way to the top of his party, his next prize was ‘Prime Minister’. This would bring with it a world stage on which to feel less small. But in 2010 the prospects of an outright Tory win were slim; a hung parliament loomed.
The natural allies of the Liberal Democrats (who would hold the balance of power) were Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. Little Dave panicked. A Conservative flyer of compounded, egregious lies was conceived, and printed. It made no effort at vagary, obfuscation or ambiguity; it simply raised Gordon Brown to tacit Bogey-Man status and invited the voters to perceive him as ultimate threat.
This disgraceful fiction guaranteed Brown’s return for 5 years, to the office of Prime Minister (regardless of countless uncontrollable variables) unless a Tory win was achieved in each of the 18 constituencies. (Only 9 obliged.) Voters were pressed by the flyer-lies to vote ‘Tory’ under ‘threat of Gordon Brown’. So blatant were the flyer-lies that no one could be in any doubt the contributing liars understood their crime i.e. flagrant breach of ‘Representation of The People Act 1983: section 115 – without doubt, and section 106 also germane re the smearing of ‘Pariah Brown’. In later years it became apparent that the liars likely knew themselves to be immune from law. They had probably been informed by the future Prime Minister that the police can be relied upon not to apply it! This neatly, and depressingly, sums up today’s Britain.

Liar Flyer

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