Doom Thoughts From Abroad

Oh to be in England
Now the EU’s there
And if folk don’t wake in England
We’ll find some morning unaware
That the wars we fought to keep our ways
Were just a rather awkward phase.
While the Chaffinch song from the orchard bough
Sounds different – now.

Post referendum – What then follows?
The Project builds and England swallows.
The blossomed Pear Tree in the hedge
Computer-consigned to the chipper;
Grubbed out by a hedge-fund’s leverage:
No fire, no smoke, no cheese, no kipper.
And do not long for bygone days’ recapture
It’s done and dusted. Give in folks – they trapped yer.
And though the fields look just as days of yore
Glyphosate and GM hold much in store.
Soon Buttercups will gutter – and go out;
Old England snuffed, to blighty EU clout.

Barrie Singleton

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