Anthony Stansfeld Unfit for PCC Office

In May 2010 an election flyer (the ‘LiarFlyer’) came through my door, directed there by Richard Benyon MP. It comprised a series of interrelated, clearly understandable, coercive lies which were fulsomely endorsed, and then signed-off, by David Cameron.

I checked The Representation of The People Act 1983 and found section 115 clearly breached by the flyer, while 106 was certainly relevant. Later, I received confirmation from a barrister, a solicitor, and a magistrate, that the LiarFlyer did indeed carry lies.

An added irritation was an accompanying note from Richard Benyon declaring his campaign above reproach, while those dirty rotten LibDems were telling lies (which he listed)! The irony would have been hilarious were the crime not egregious.

From that moment, I became a seeker after justice; little did I know how lacking that pillar of our society is in today’s Britain.

I tried contacting a range of political and administrative offices, all to no avail. Then I approached Thames Valley Police who behaved most unprofessionally. I ‘withdrew’ knowing I had lodged my complaint – with supporting documents – inside the one year window.

When the current Chief Constable (Habgood) was installed, I revived my approach and he treated it with silence, preferring to get one ‘DI Gary Tyrrell’ to tell me 1) I was out of time re general election crime, and 2) he (Gary) could see no iota of a trace of the beginning of fraud. I assert (and have done so publicly) that Gary Tyrrell is exercising wilful blindness (Misconduct in Public Office) on behalf of Chief Constable Habgood. I find Thames Valley Police manifestly guilty of corrupt practice.

For the avoidance of doubt: lying to achieve gain is fraud. In 2010 18 Tory candidates deployed the LiarFlyer; 9 sat as MPs for 5 years; 8 sit today. All have been paid fraudulently by IPSA who are aware of the LiarFlyer. (More wilful blindness.)

When PCCs were installed, I contacted Anthony Stansfeld (Thames Valley Tory PCC) immediately, fully expecting he would review the behaviour of Thames Valley Police. He was openly contemptuous of me, delivering only silence. From my enquiries, it seems he answers to no one of substance.

Stansfeld stands for re-election this coming May 5th. He will not get my vote.

He has proved himself blatantly unfit for office. A chain of criminality lies unaddressed from PCC Stansfeld, through TV Police, via Richard Benyon, and on to David Cameron and 17 others. This is an appalling state of affairs.

I shall not let it lie.

Barrie Singleton

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