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State of Corruption

Westminster is Corrupt. Thames Valley Police Corrupt. T/V PCC Stansfeld Corrupt. Richard Benyon MP Corrupt. David Cameron Corrupt. All complicit (with others) in 2010 Election Fraud. I have the documents. They think they have impunity. I have nothing to lose.

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The Morning After The Night Before

on 09 May 2015. I am writing this after two hours sleep, I’m back at the Racecourse for the West Berkshire Council count. Party activists are standing in groups in various degrees of euphoria or devastation, but all with minds numbed

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Who The Hell is Richard Benyon?

• An ex-squaddie who runs away from legitimate challenge. (“You lied for votes.”) Content to kill Johnnie Foreigner, on command, while trying to label me ‘racist’! • A Viz Magazine reader. ‘Viz’ an inspiration for his attack on a needy

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Number 75

From the “Benyon Zone” Westminster Diary 9th September 2013 on 09 September 2013. Strange things that happen to an MP Number 75 While I was at a constituency event on Friday night a woman appeared at my house with a

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The Case for Abstention

The turn out at general election continues to decline, as does the citizen voter’s view of the Westminster Creature MP. The need for an ‘ABSTAIN’ option at the polling booth is clearly established. It would cost nothing to implement and

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How to complain about Benyon

In order to complain to the Political Ombudsman about your local MP you need to get the form signed by your local MP.

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Exhibit 5

Benyon throws his rattle out of the pram.

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Exhibit 4

Richard Benyon MP Recorded Delivery. 26 August 2011 Dear Richard As I am sure you are aware, your letter of 18 Feb 2011 failed, manifestly, to address (let alone ‘clarify’) the false assertion in a Conservative flyer, that Gordon Brown

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Exhibit 3

Benyon attempts a clear, detailed explanation.

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Exhibit 2

RICHARD BENYON MP 16th February 2011 Dear Richard Over the months, since you emailed the reply, attached, regarding the claims in the flyer above, I have made extensive enquiries among your Westminster colleagues, various political offices, seats of linguistic excellence,

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