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Bare Faced Lies

Read more about this bare faced lie at: http://www.thecanary.co/2016/05/26/image-just-humiliated-camerons-eu-campaign-going-viral-image/

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War Crimes

Watch footage of Cameron being accused of war crimes

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This isn’t a Rehearsal

This isn’t a Rehearsal it’s the Bloody Play! I normally write with a touch of humour, but this is way too serious to fool about with. The lead role is a feudal proxy Queen played by David Cameron. 10 years

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David assesses Syria

“SYRIA’S HISTORY IS BEING WRITTEN IN THE BLOOD OF HER PEOPLE.” David Cameron, 13th May  2013   BRITAIN MUST INVADE AT ONCE! The Syrians need to be taught a lesson – one we learned long ago: ALWAYS WRITE YOUR HISTORY

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