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John Gatto

You need to reed this message from John Gatto. An award acceptance speech as shared with the web site Naturalchild.org

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Animal Cruelty goes Unnoticed.

In a land where Badgers are protected and Foxes are fretted over, one species is separated early from its mother, regimented and taught tricks in infancy, right through sexual maturity, and beyond. Thereafter, its kind are made to ‘perform’ for

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School – Soft Prison?

Would it be fair to surmise that even Homo Sapiens – The Ape Confused by Language – has a “natural” (optimum) way of bringing the newborn to maturity? If, in what follows, we take that as a given, how might

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Tyrannous Rex

(A cold-eyed look at Tony Blair’s “Education Education Education” ) Right under the noses of ‘The People’, the State routinely re-asserts its already established right to take children from their parents and put them into workhouses where they are taught

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Back to School

Is school the ‘tape worm of the people’, much as religion was once the opiate? Does school extract vitality leaving tractable units of taxable activity (except for those so alienated, they can only do nihilism and crime)? I have looked

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