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Corruption + Failure = Westminster

We are not governed but manipulated. Any party of power is wilfully blind. The opposition connives/colludes. Ballot-box empowerment is a cynical lie. General elections rearrange deckchairs. 2010 election: lying blatant – Police supine. People-power and paramilitary policing: up Prime Ministers

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Are sick people a resource to Westminster perversity?

I take as ‘given’ that alcohol, tobacco, processed food and sedentary lives all induce sickness. My second ‘given’ is that the NHS is a massive, taxable, machine that is really the NRS (National Repair Service) delivering mended individuals back to

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God Gob

“The Struggle of Our Generation” (since honour abandoned this nation) Needs Westminster’s aplomb With the fool and the bomb As we urge the whole world to Damnation. The unstoppable gob that is Destiny Dave has pronounced, yet again, from his

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EU Referendum Downer

Today, BBC is right on message with: “Downing Street says it’s right that ‘The People’ should have the final say.” But Downing Street’s Dodgy Dave will use all the deviousness at his command to subvert enough of the people to

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The Westminster MP as a Salaried Employee

1. At prorogation of Parliament, any MP-aspirant must make proper representations (by law) to the local Acting Returning Officer, and pay over a deposit. If eligible, the aspirant is then a bona-fide candidate. (NB: Ex MPs canvas as ordinary citizens;

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Dissecting Westminster

What is a voter? A welder welds, a Baker bakes and a Brick-layer lays bricks; but not for long – if they are no good at it! What skills and expertise does a typical voter bring to a general election?

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Dismantle Westminster Ethos

In May 2010, a Conservative Party crafted lie, the Liar Flyer, intended to influence my vote in that election, came through my door being part of Richard Benyon’s successful campaign to be re-elected as MP for the Newbury constituency. That

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There is always another way

THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY Just occasionally we come across a wise, capable person in a position of responsibility, making lives around them agreeable and causing life, generally, to run smoothly. But only occasionally. . Mostly, positions of power and

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