State negligence

(Never mind the wooden horse, just invite the Trojans in.)

Surely a government that maintains, and practises’ the right to invade foreign states and kill with impunity, but at the same time enacts a policy of substantial immigration, even from those very same states, must admit to negligence when men of non-indigenous heritage and culture kill one of our state-killers?

Perhaps it is their attempt to cloak guilt that prompts Nick, Dave and Ed to such crass heights of jingoistic fervour? While we are all hailing a heroic State Machine Gunner, and feeling proud to be wo’evah, awareness will not impinge.

Of course, another vital factor is that the Westminster Citadel, with its ramparts facing us, answers to no one: not EU, not Queen, not Church, and certainly not to the dictates of Honour.

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