Liar Flyer


I suggest it comes as no surprise, to the average British indigene, that our law takes a dim view of those who use bare-faced lying to gain advantage; such is a fundamental tenet of our culture. How perverse then, that we routinely find our law-makers (politicians) not only lying, but refusing to admit it, and when exposed, further refusing to submit to the very laws they have, themselves, installed.   Take the Conservative 2010 election flyer assertion:


                 YEARS OF GORDON BROWN “

This unequivocal lie, was a lie when composed, a lie when printed, a lie when distributed, a lie when it came through my door, and a lie when a hung parliament did, indeed, become a reality. Where is Gordon? In 1983, Parliament saw fit to pass into law the ‘Representation of The People Act’, section 115 of which serves no other purpose than to protect the ordinary citizen-voter from being ‘leaned on’, duped or – yes – lied to, regarding the exercise of their vote. In the Act, any pressure applied to a voter is termed ‘Undue Influence’ and it is prohibited. Lying, clearly, comes under the catchall of ‘Undue Influence’, hence it is prohibited. The bald assertion: “A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN” is one such lie.

I have now spent three years confronting every office and officer of propriety and oversight – in all possible guises – and made no perceptible impact on this blatant, undemocratic criminality, enacted by the Conservative Party and its MPs, and further connived at by political ‘all and sundry’.

Something is rotten in the state of Westminster party-politics. “For evil to triumph, all that is required is for good men to do nothing”; are there really no good men left in this land?