Ethos not Movement


In May 2010, a Conservative Party crafted lie (the Liar Flyer) intended to influence my vote in that election, came through my door being part of Richard Benyon’s successful campaign to be re-elected as MP for the Newbury constituency. That ‘Liar Flyer’ was distributed in 16 other constituencies; I estimate hundreds of thousands of them!

The lie: “A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN”, was combined with other ways of saying the same thing, on an A4 sheet, signed by David Cameron. It was and is, beyond doubt, a lie. By my investigation, two areas of law seem to apply: The Representation of the People Act, and Fraud. Put simply: in Britain, quite reasonably, you can’t cheat for gain. Well – unless you become an MP, it seems. (We have already seen something of this in the ‘expenses’ scandal.)

Amazingly: in three years of trying, I have been unable to interest Westminster (any party) the press (not even Private Eye) radio and TV (including the Russians) nor even the Police! Something very odd (and very wrong) is going on. I intend to challenge it, on the widest stage I can access.

Once again I am resolved to take advantage of a General Election to awaken the public to the mess we are in; in a word: corruption. I shall stand for election as MP for Newbury in 2015 (or before) just as I stood in 2005. As previously, my call to the people will be: “SPOIL PARTY GAMES”. Party Politics has destroyed caring governance (benign stewardship) and opened the way to routine election of ‘Westminster Creatures’ – the sort of people who should not be permitted to run anything, let alone the lives of others. Let’s put a stop to it.

As things stand, voters vote for a rosette with a Creature under it; a Creature pre-chosen by a party selection committee. Rarely does the voter know anything, worth knowing, of the Creature’s character; they know even less of how little control the voter is left with, once that Creature becomes an MP.  Elected to Westminster, MPs are free to go against the voter in some things and to support others without voter-approval. While doing all this, they call themselves “honourable” and behave as if they are special rather than servants of the people.