Sick at Heart

Party Politics are far worse than ‘toxic’.
To my mind they are closer to cat-sick.
On the bed – on the stairs
In the carpet – who cares?
Show the Westminster Creatures the exit!

The aware voters have scored in the EU elections through the UKIP vote, but I wait for ‘the other shoe’ to drop. Having enabled a UKIP escape committee, to organise a tunnelling-out from the European Stalag, may they go on to again kick themselves out of a job by replacing Westminster party politics with competent national management. Faux democracy is only the best tried so far! Its perverse malfunction is preserved by the party political collusion of game-playing and Buggins’ turn in power. “We can’t go on like this” (Dave) – “We can do better than this” (Ed M).
“Time for change!” (Chorus.)

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