Bald bottomed Chickens

Bald bottomed Chickens and the New World Order Oct 2012.

In this Age of Perversity, should the foetus survive creation in an ageing, last chance mother, who is labouring for Mammon, in the grip of a debilitating male work ethic, it is inevitably born into a culture akin to battery farming; a culture obsessed with bottom line; focused on good layers, i.e. schooled, conformist chickens, feather-loss notwithstanding.

It is my conclusion that the human baby is – quite naturally – also obsessed; in this case, the obsession is with the prime imperative: “Control”; control of food supply and comfort; control of limbs, locomotion, bowels, and the acquisition of any other enabling faculty. If ‘a life’ is at all achievable, one might reasonably expect subtle maturity to gather pace, while equal-and-opposite control-obsession, declines. But what if this transition fails? Obsessive maturity is, clearly, an oxymoron. A nation schooled to obsessive control will surely malfunction.

A battery-house is not configured to satisfying a human newborn’s innate needs; as already said, ‘the farmer’ (GNP obsessed government) just wants output. Thus it is that few new arrivals now avoid comprehensive, primary, psychological damage; this being compounded, for the entire duration of their formative years, by the institution of school (imposed after being ‘softened up’ by mercenary childcare). Sadly, Mammon has now eclipsed Mother in the psyche of ‘advanced’ womanhood; this error now reinforced, over successive generations.

I conclude that school-leavers are, typically, even inevitably, immature and socially incompetent; still beset by varying degrees of drive to control. Some escape their demon with drink and drugs, or decline into welfare-dependence; some become ‘control freaks, perhaps even rapists and murderers. (The typically-controlling paedophile might well be a prime example!) Yet others, become serial qualification-acquirers, and some are trapped in self-harm, anorexia and bulimia. ‘Other niches are available.’ Who (but a politician) would call this ‘civilisation’?

The above is disaster enough, but the most pernicious group, I suggest, comprises those who try to convince themselves, through the exercise of control over others, that they do have control-of-self. Those so deluded, go into various professions where the ‘raw material’ to be worked upon is us, and the greatest harm is inflicted by those who make a career in politics. Here the ultimate control ‘trip’ (favoured by Prime Ministers) is mass killing, in gratuitous warfare. But obsessive need is never met; those afflicted strive till they die. Blair is exemplary.

Hence I define politics as: “The art of self deception, wrapped in the craft of deceiving others – for ‘their own good’.” In the parallel universe of politics, the neediness of the damaged child, cloaked in bogus philanthropy, constitutes the ‘consummate parliamentarian’. Should charisma and/or oratory – those infernal ‘gifts’ – be present in the zealous aspirant, political success is all but assured. The most fiendishly endowed among those so ‘blessed’, may ascend to despot status, i.e. Prime Minister.

But if The Commons comprise 650 damaged, juvenile control freaks, would not governance be obsessive, alien and bizarre, while generally bringing serial, costly failure upon the nation? Would not governance, on careful inspection, prove to be a Machiavellian tyranny? Indeed! We have succumbed to insidious ‘D’ MOCK CRASS Y. Where Y? is, culturally, left unasked.

Under the Westminster Ethos, we are trapped in a feedback loop that only serves the politicians. As I write, the quintessentially aberrant of these multi-distilled human travesties, aspire and conspire with others of the same ilk, from other ‘advanced’ nations, to even greater heights of control: they are attempting to impose ‘The New World Order’.

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