Barrie’s Biography

DSC_0035I seem to have been born angry – with a disproportionate sense of injustice. Through childhood (we had one in those days) adolescence, marriage, children, 35 years in business, and divorce, I have come to understand that injustice is, indeed, rife and that the rich and powerful seem to regard it as a tool of their trade. I may have mellowed, but my resolve has hardened.

My life, and my time in business, had taught me well; even school showed me serious abuse of power. I was an oblique whistle blower, reporting a dodgy master. I was threatened with expulsion. I went on to face-down an unjustified tax demand, retrieved £7000 from an inept Business Rates Office, and extract a retraction from the Environmental Agency, who wanted to, erroneously, blight my home with flood-warnings. Currently I am engaged in proving all the Newbury Troll Bridge ‘charges’ (fines) unlawful.

I have learned that authority, in either fool or knave mode (both abound) will routinely present total fiction as absolute law, and profit thereby. Sadly, my primary attitude to authority is (well earned) contempt. I could wish it otherwise, but as delineated above, experience has cast the die. Thus, I am well prepared to sally forth, a latter day Quixote, to do battle with Britain’s endemic corruption as it trickles down the ramparts of Westminster (ramparts facing us). Like minds, please regard this website as ‘Ethos Base’ and do all you can to SPOIL PARTY GAMES in your area.

The overt iniquity of Nick and Dave is there for all to see. They did not coalesce ‘in the national interest’; each got what he could, in terms of personal aggrandisement, at our expense, through a tawdry conspiracy . Now UKIP (just another party) have entered the lists; by 2015 the voters will be ready to teach them ALL a lesson in humility and honour. I venture to propose SPOIL PARTY GAMES as a modus operandi.

“I love it when a plan comes together.”