Month: May 2013

Members and Constituency Etiquette

Members and Constituency Etiquette Nov.2007 Mr. Speaker: Order. I will answer the point of order. I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for giving me notice of his point of order. There is a well understood convention in the House

Ministerial Code

Foreword by The Prime Minister Emphasis by Barrie Singleton Our new government has a particular and historic responsibility: to rebuild confidence in our political system. After the scandals of recent years, people have lost faith in politics and politicians. It

Fraud Act 2006

Obtaining employment by deception – offence under the Fraud Act 2006 It is an offence to “obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception” under the Fraud Act 2006 (previously the Theft Act 1968). This offence can also apply to someone obtaining

Liar Flyer recipients

LIST OF WARDS RECEIVING THE LIAR FLYER MAY 2010 As indicated by All use the word ‘HERE’ in the assertion: “Conservatives must win here to stop another 5 years of Gordon Brown.” Page on website. 17 Cambridge 19 Gordon

Undue influence

REPRESENTATION of THE PEOPLE ACT 115 Undue influence. (ex Gov website) (1)A person shall be guilty of a corrupt practice if he is guilty of undue influence. (2)A person shall be guilty of undue influence— (a)if he, directly or indirectly,

Tory free vote on homosexual marriage

Few MPs are mandated, by constituents, to take part in a ‘free vote’ as, at the time of election, they are little more than ‘rosette stands’. To validate that assertion one need only consider how many MPs would survive the

Rape in war

Human on human abuse. gratuitous infliction of pain, rape, both in combination, summary killing, torture to death, and a range of psychology-based confections, are all predictable behaviors of the Ape Without Scruple, who is released when social constraints are suppressed,

State negligence

(Never mind the wooden horse, just invite the Trojans in.) Surely a government that maintains, and practises’ the right to invade foreign states and kill with impunity, but at the same time enacts a policy of substantial immigration, even from


The following explains P.O.R.K.I.E.S Dear leaders We cannot go on like this. As the prime mover (aren’t we all?) of the Big Society, I call upon the PM of The New Politics, in the current spirit of independent watchdog-inspectorates (redolent

The naming of lies.

THE CONSERVATIVE LIAR FLYER – GENERAL ELECTION 2010 Conservative Strategy:  Characterise Brown as a ‘bogey man’. Flyer claim 1: “A HUNG PARLIAMENT WOULD MEAN 5 MORE YEARS OF GORDON BROWN.” Observation: The hung Parliament, in the event, precipitated Brown’s departure