Month: July 2015

God Gob

“The Struggle of Our Generation” (since honour abandoned this nation) Needs Westminster’s aplomb With the fool and the bomb As we urge the whole world to Damnation. The unstoppable gob that is Destiny Dave has pronounced, yet again, from his

Wording With Intent

Though Terror’s assault has no end Now there’s more against which to defend. The ‘Extremist’ is come But I doubt Drake’s old Drum Can confound mischief he might intend. Destiny Dave Cameron’s pronouncement that we face “The struggle of our

EU Referendum Downer

Today, BBC is right on message with: “Downing Street says it’s right that ‘The People’ should have the final say.” But Downing Street’s Dodgy Dave will use all the deviousness at his command to subvert enough of the people to

The Westminster MP as a Salaried Employee

1. At prorogation of Parliament, any MP-aspirant must make proper representations (by law) to the local Acting Returning Officer, and pay over a deposit. If eligible, the aspirant is then a bona-fide candidate. (NB: Ex MPs canvas as ordinary citizens;

If Aware . . .

No fair minded person who observes the ‘Westminster Creature’ (MP) being interviewed on TV is left in any doubt that they not only feel empowered to deceive, but are unfazed when deceiving overtly. This, in every-day social intercourse, would be

Fools and Knaves, to the Last Creature.

It is surely time for the laughter to begin – and never stop! Every time one of our Westminster Creatures – from pompous Dodgy Dave (Proxy Queen) to the lowliest pathetic wannabe, safe-seat rosette-stand (Joker) – delivers some governmental gaff,

Corruption Tsar Pickles Chosen for Expertise

I have been sleeping at my post! I have only just learned from a Brentwood Gazette online posting, May 11th 2015: “Eric Pickles to leave the cabinet and become anti corruption tsar.” This is wonderful news as (Sir) Eric was

Snowden Interview

Please see the following Snowden Interview before “The Suits” remove it.

300 Limericks to Spoil Party Games

300 Limericks to Spoil Party Games – The Political hot-potato you just can’t put down. Buy it now at Lulu before it gets banned and all the copies burned. It’s also Amazing at Amazon.

Election 2015 – Benyon Zone Report

It is a telling comment on British Justice that when Dicky Benyon began his 2015 election campaign in Newbury (before Parliament prorogued) he was still drawing MP salary from IPSA after deploying the 2010 ‘LiarFlyer’ (fraudulent device or contrivance) in