Month: July 2013

ITAP In this Age of Perversity

I have dubbed the culture that Britain is now drowning in, The Age of Perversity. Since arriving at that coinage, I find that I open many topics with ITAP. It will get much worse before any chance of improvement. Government

The Case for Abstention

The turn out at general election continues to decline, as does the citizen voter’s view of the Westminster Creature MP. The need for an ‘ABSTAIN’ option at the polling booth is clearly established. It would cost nothing to implement and

Exhibit 6

Listening is not hearing Further to Exhibit 5, on reading Richard Benyon’s web site : “In addition to his campaigns on Trains, Broadband, Job’s and Skills and Flooding, Richard is actively involved in supporting his constituents with personal issues and

Campaign Launch

 “FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING ” The ‘Westminster Creatures’ have failed us, at great human and monetary cost. Party politics isn’t working. Tyranny is not stewardship. ‘D-MOCK-CRASS-Y’ serves only the

Sad Day for Democracy

A Sad Day for Democracy David Cameron, PMQs 3rd July 2013 What a fount of crassness is Potty Dave Cameron! Here am I, three years on, still unable to access a hint of democratic accountability under his mockery of governance,

D MOCK CRASS Y? and Universal Suffrage.

The crass Westminster Creatures mock the dunce-masses as they manipulate them to gain and exercise power. Y do we let this continue? Universal suffrage is taken, unthinkingly, as a given ‘good’, yet assessing human competence and potential, in the field