The myth of “Democracy under the rule of law”

Political parties have no existence that is defined by statute. They do not exist in law.

Almost all MPs owe their tenure to their rosette. They are totally beholden to their party, and their only other allegiance is to our (neutral) Queen.

As Zac Goldsmith recently made clear: once elected, and ‘signed in’, an MP will be paid until Parliament is next prorogued, REGARDLESS OF CONDUCT. Only a prison term in excess of one year can impinge on the gravy train.

Small wonder MPs feel the need to call themselves “honourable”. No one else is going to! Their stance is better termed: ‘contemptible’.

We Britons live inside a giant Goebbelsesque, Westminster lie. It is not rocket science; it isn’t even clever. It relies on the slumbering masses staying asleep. Those who prosper by the lie have no intention of addressing it, and the slumberers have become accustomed to the nightmare illusion that this faux democracy is as good as governance can get.

Party politics isn’t working. Just look at the Prime Ministers we have had in recent Decades: every one weird and delusional. If they are the cream, then the milk is well off. Time for change; it doesn’t have to be like this.

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