Britain: The Model Society.

For a man-made culture to be sustainable, it follows that it must reinforce Natural norms, wherever possible. In this ‘Age of Perversity’, the precise opposite prevails.

Adversarial party politics ‘infantilises’ governance. It attracts the ‘wrong stuff’.
It appeals to the immature mind. No adult enterprise divides to fight itself, to enhance outcomes.

Governance is funded by taxing assets, gains, and activities. Perverse governance is content to tax perversity: e.g. an unwell nation may yield more tax than a well one and be easier to dominate.

MPs practice the art of self-deception, wrapped in the craft of deceiving others
‘for their own good’. Pollutants from this corrosive ethos permeate all walks of life, by ‘trickle down’.

No one doubts that human babies are born very immature, hence: deeply needy of continuity.
Breast feeding is, surely, as fundamental to an ‘ejected foetus’ as was, prior, ‘placental support’.

Motherhood’s recent devaluation removes, or degrades, the unique interaction of infant and mother.
This must impinge, negatively, on every child born to a modern, conformist (indoctrinated) mother.

‘School’ institutionalises all those who conform, and devalues – even destroys – those who don’t.
School mediates against development of fully mature, whole, individuals.

Equality of man and woman is probably the most perverse ‘assertion’ imaginable.
That both are, to a large degree, uniquely configured and stereotyped, is self-evident.

Military invasion, and destruction, by choice, has no place as a civilised, state action.
It is state-bullying, enacted by governments that, on home ground, purport to deplore bullying!

Speculative banking, and The National Lottery (funding ‘altruism’ through loss) have gone unquestioned.
Yet those branded ‘work-shy’ also, by inference, expecting something for nothing, are roundly denigrated.

There is a pernicious rot at the heart of Western culture that is infused in Britain, to such a degree, that the people have lost sight of it; they “live within the lie” (Vaclav Havel). The symptoms are all around, bringing misery and medication to millions, but the toxic well-spring, itself, goes unidentified, deliberately defended by those who feign governance, and gain by the lie.

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