Core Malaise

The juror competence furore, that resulted from the Huhne speeding fiasco, is depressingly illustrative of Britain’s core malaise.

Consider the The Electoral Roll. it encompasses potential MPs, voters, and jurors alike. Significantly, general competence is not an issue when attaining a place on the Roll. It is all too clear where this may, and in my view does, lead.

MPs. These are pre-chosen by party selection committees, against party criteria. Aspirant MPs are not chosen, primarily, for the competence we every-day folk approve, they are chosen for ‘Westminster Creatureness’, i.e. Machiavellian qualities of manipulation, deviousness and obfuscation, along with raw ambition, blind loyalty and tractability.

Jurors. These are not even chosen for their ‘peer’ credentials, as in: “a jury of one’s peers”, but more for representation of the locality. Today, ‘multicuture’ ensures locality is a very different thing from when the jury system was initiated. The Electoral Roll registration form is now in eight languages – a surreal datum.

Voters. Anyone who votes for a party demonstrates they have little or no awareness of the above. Those who vote for a Rosette-Carrier, have little or no knowledge of the allegiances and protocols that free an elected MP, lurking beneath the rosette, from duty to that voter the moment they pledge to the queen.

At General election, voters are bought – directly or indirectly. That is why parties amass phenomenal ‘war chests’, sadly, extracted from donors who – inevitably – expect a quid pro quo downstream.

Westminster Creature MPs manipulate voters. Amoral barristers manipulate jurors. Perversely, voters and jurors live in a cloud-cuckoo, imagined, free society, being free to believe they are taking part in ‘democracy under rule of law’ when, in reality, they are trapped in a corrupt, tyrannical, feudal, despotic rule, whose defining characteristic is corruption. We, voter and juror fodder, are of no more account than the ‘whipped cur’ of party politics.

It is: ‘D’ MOCK CRASS Y?

The people are social Dunces; school sees to that. The Machiavellian Elite can, and do, Mock us with relish (try holding them to account). The utterances of the Elite, when cornered, are Crass, and one is left asking: Y? Y? Y? do the few who are not yet subsumed by Big Brother, let this continue?

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