Ministerial Code

Foreword by
The Prime Minister

Our new government has a particular and historic responsibility: to rebuild
confidence in our political system. After the scandals of recent years, people have
lost faith in politics and politicians. It is our duty to restore their trust. It is not enough
simply to make a difference. We must be different.

We have promised the people a coalition government united behind the key
principles of freedom, fairness and responsibility. Every day of this government we
must make good on that promise, acting in a way that reflects these principles.

In everything we do – the policies we develop and how we implement them, the
speeches we give, the meetings we hold – we must remember that we are NOT MASTERS BUT SERVANTS. (Emphasis added.) Though the British people have been disappointed in their politicians, they still expect the highest standards of conduct. We must not let them down.

We must be different in how we think and how we behave. We must be different from
what has gone before us. Careful with public money. Transparent about what we do
and how we do it. Determined to act in the national interest, above improper
influence. Mindful of our duty. Above all, grateful for our chance to change our


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